Integration and Streamlining of Oil & Gas activities resulting in Value Added are the core focus of ISVA’s activities.

Integration of multidisciplinary technical, economic, commercial, financial, operational, regulatory and legal information in Oil & Gas projects is key to properly assess uncertainties and establish a reliable range in Oil & Gas production forecasts and reserves, to underpin key business decisions and reporting requirements. ISVA ‘s knowledge, experience and understanding of the required integration of all the different aspects of the gas value chain, from subsurface to the customer in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Gas to Liquids (GtL) or other Oil & Gas projects, as well as meeting regulatory requirements (if applicable),  are key ISVA strengths.

Streamlining approaches, processes, control frameworks and other aspects of reserves assessments and project maturation, through focused corporate audits and/or team reviews are key to improve efficiency and effectiveness and strenghten the way an organization operates.

These audits/reviews serve to ensure that the relevant risks have been identified and the processes/controls are operating as planned and are being properly followed within an organization. This has become very important during the last decade, when regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders expect robust control frameworks and solid risk management, when companies deal with external reporting and internal business decisions. Most of these decisions are underpinned by Oil & Gas sales production forecasts, reserves and their economics.

By participating in corporate reviews (and/or audits), ISVA brings thorough experience in key aspects of the business (E&P and Gas and Power project activities and their integration through the value chain) and can assist corporate teams to identify opportunities, areas with room for improvement or provide an independent and external viewpoint to ensure activities and processes are being executed as intended. 

Value Adding is inherent to all activities undertaken by ISVA, whether it is assisting in the review of the robustness of project options, optimum project integration, assessment of uncertainties, validation of the integrity, assurance and compliance of estimated reserves/resources, the robustness of control frameworks or other activities. The identification and delivery of added value translates in potential improvement opportunities and in an enhancement of the competitive edge and bottom line of the corporation, while increasing shareholder value.

The broad experience and integrated knowledge of ISVA  from subsurface to surface facilities, through to the ultimate product sales, promote the delivery of value through early identification of risks and sound advice, assisting in the optimum selection of project options and decisions.

In summary, in the estimation, classification and reporting of reserves and resources and in most project maturation activities in the Oil & Gas business, robust and compliant (meeting internal or external requirements) evaluations underpinning business decisions, are critical to ensure an optimum Integration of all available data through Streamlined simple and effective processes delivering maximum Value Added to Stakeholders.

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