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Production forecasts (and their reserves) are the basis of future cash flows. Understanding of uncertainties is key to deal with potential downsides or upsides. Reliable Reserves and compliance with existing external regulations and internal requirements cannot be underestimated. The Control Framework or Managemnet System driving the estimation, classification, assurance and reporting of reserves and resources must be strong and optimally working. The range of uncertainties in reserves (and production forecasts) will provide the range of cash flows a company, project or activity will generate, showing the robustness of the investment proposals and the company’s ability to deliver a profit and finance its investments or other commitments (e.g. dividend payments). Reliable and compliant estimation of the range of production forecasts and their associated reserves (1P, 2P, 3P) Or resources, with their economic and commercial maturity, will provide a clear picture of the risks and bias associated to the capital and manpower effort being allocated to projects, mergers, acquisitions, divestments or other corporate developmnet activities. 

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